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Access to this web site has been blocked as of February 13th, 2017 in accordance with the precedential ruling of Svea Court of appeal, case PMT 11706-15 [1].

The ruling forces internet service providers ("ISP") operating in Sweden to block access to web sites, platforms or services ("Platform") that may assist others in violating international copyright law through means including but not limited to: providing a Platform through which digital files containing copyrighted material ("Material") may be exchanged between end users, providing a platform through which access to Material is given to the end user, the sharing of free open-source software or providing information about the circumvention of copy protections.

Please visit one of these government and industry approved web sites instead (accessibility may vary depending on the Internet plan provided by your ISP):




Basically, the ruling is a long middle finger against the open Internet. In case you haven't figured it out by now, this is just a way of making a statement. There is nothing preventing us from making statements. Yet.

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[1] PMT 11706-15